A journey inside the Italian

repertoire for solo guitar

The musical recollection starts with the Renaissance time and the new-born 4 strings guitar, to go to the aires and dances from the Baroque period. The virtuosistic pieces inspired by Italian Opera will bring you back to the classical era, passing through the evoking melodies of romanticism. An homage to the most important composer for guitar of the past Century, Castelnuovo Tedesco, then contemporary soundscapes and American finger-style will mark the end of this journey.

16th Century: Renaissance
with a copy of a  Renaissance guitar


Anonimo: La Paduana del Re

Adrien Le Roy: Pimontoyse

17th Century: Baroque
with a copy of a  "A. Stradivari" model guitar


Medley: Ciaccona a parti variate (A. Piccinini), Canario (A. Kapsberger), Canarios (S. De Murcia)


Antonio Carbonchi: Passacaglia della X

Santiago de Murcia: Una Giga de Corelli

Francesco Corbetta: Capriccio di Ciaccona

18th/19th Century: Classicism & Romanticism
with an original "Stauffer-Legnani" model guitar


Mauro Giuliani: Grande Ouverture op.61

Luigi Legnani: Capricci op.20

J.K. Mertz: Gondoliera, Tarantella (from "Bardenklange")

20th/21st Centuries: Modern & Contemporary 
with a "Hauser" model guitar by Ivan Bruna

Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco: Ave Maria (from "Appunti")

No hubo remedio (from "Caprichos de Goya") 

Marco De Biasi: Di ruggine e sangue

20th/21st Centuries: Fingerstyle  
with a "Martin" model guitar

Reno Brandoni: Stella Artois

Pietro Nobile: Merci Marcel

Giovanni Unterberger: 23-10-63, Railway


with friends


The Italian journey in the

chamber music version

with percussions or flute 

Renaissance & Baroque
renaissance and baroque guitar
 + percussions


From Classicism to Our Days
romantic and classical guitar 
 + flute


Milan, Italy  /  Brussels, Belgium